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Revision History

Latest enhancements as of 2/23/2022
Added Import resources from Isuite.
Updated Import Resources from IROC.
205 now supports five pages.
205 now supports printing either normal or rotated (landscape even though printing is set to portrait).
Import line assignments from SARTopo - Creates entries on 203 and 104s (Assignment sheets)
Added 230 (Meeting schedule)
Added 234 (Incident Action Tracker)
Added Hospital database - for certain states alows hospitals to be selected based on proximity to the incident with filtering for burn centers, trauma centers, and helipads.
Fixed a glitch between Google maps and the weather import for certain latitudes.
Updated work assignments

Latest enhancements as of 10/13/2018
NIMS IAP Menu – The NIMS IAP Menu has been split into five menus:
   Main Menu
   Resource Menu
   Import Menu
   GoTo Menu
   Help Menu.

204 WF – Added a new version of the 204 that is based upon the NWCG 204 WF. It is not exactly the same as the NWCG version. I’ve added a couple of things that are not on the NWCG version. This includes a phonetic reminder (A – Alpha, B – Bravo, etc…), Page numbering for each division (e.g.; Page 1 of 2), Night Operations, Branch Safety Officer, and it also lists each resource’s request number in in the resource section. Having a signature line for the PSC is optional and turned On or Off on the General Info tab. The FEMA version of the 204 is still available. You may select which version you want to use on the General Info tab

204 add additional page – There is now a menu item to add another page to the current division or group 204. It automatically does page numbers and will rename your tab up to three pages.

204 add resources via Request number – You can now go to the Request Number column and add resources by entering their Request Number. The other fields will auto-fill, including the Resource ID.

204 Personnel count – Both the FEMA and the NWCG 204s have a personnel count on the lower right-hand corner. Another new feature is the ability to enter an approximate personnel number. This can be entered either in the ResourceID sheet or directly onto the 204. If a number is entered as a negative number, it will show as a positive number followed by “+/-“, indicating the it is approximate. The number will still be counted in the total number of personnel.

Check for Duplicate Resources on 204 – This used to be part of the Synchronize assignments function. It is now completely separate function. It is far simpler and faster. It gives you a message screen with your duplicates and where they are.

ROSS Import – This has been improved significantly. Particularly if you use the “Original” “Request List with Subordinates”. The import does a better job of parsing out resource IDs, leader names, home agency and personnel counts. You can also set the configuration to estimate the total personnel on a resource. You now have the option of using the Federal IIMT standard of adding the Type to single resources, ;ENG1, ENG3, ENG6, HC1, HC2, etc… None of the other ROSS reports will give you leaders or counts. Again, I recommend that you use the use the “Original” “Request List with Subordinates”. However, if you are at a large incident and have a poor Internet connection, it may be problematic. You can always try it and then fall back. They are also some additional choices in the import options.

204A Branch Assignment List – This is available from the NIMS IAP Menu. It creates a sheet that lists each branch, the divisions, division supervisors, tactical channels and the resources assigned to each division in that branch.
205A Communications List – This is just an incident phone list. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

205 - There is now an option to have two pages for the 205. You may also optionally select an alternative Command channel or Air-to-Ground channel that each division should use. The drop-down list for divisions will now show division from both the 203 and 203A.

209 – Added a new 209 (Incident Status Summary) form. This is a four-page, standard FEMA 209. It doesn’t transmit anywhere. It’s mostly just to enable you to print a 209.

211 – Added a new 211 page. This conforms to the FEMA 211, although it is slightly different. It is oriented in landscape fashion and has the addition of a last work (LWD) day field. This form can be printed or data entry can be entered directly on the form. There is a menu option to create additional 211 pages. There is also a menu option to import data from the 211 into the Resource ID tab.

Resource ID – The Request number is now only entered once (in the first field). The “Time on” and “Time off” is now a single field “Hours”, rather than two separate fields (“0700-1900” vs “0700” & “1900”). Two new fields have been added. By default, they are “EMT” and “LWD” (Last Work Day). However, they can both be changed on the General Info tab. Each field can hold 3-4 characters. These two fields appear on the ResourceID tab and on the NWCG 204 WF (Wildland Fire). There are also two extra fields on the far right that you can use for whatever you’d like.

The Named Ranges for lookups on the ResourceID tab now expand and contract with the addition or deletion of rows or resources.

Remote Check-In – I have removed the Remote Check-In feature entirely. It has always been a problem getting it to work after sharing. However, with the latest changes in Google security, it’s become almost impossible. I will likely share it as a separate app which will require you to set higher permissions than the normal IAP application.

Weather Page:
The weather page now has an update button in the upper right corner. You have to update your weather page manually by clicking it. Prior to updating, your location (either name place or latitude and longitude) should be entered on the "General Info" tab. While this is an extra step, it makes it a little smarter and cleaner. It has four distinct advantages.
   1. First, it reduces extraneous use of bandwidth. This can be very helpful when you’re using your own wifi hotspot or you have a slow internet connection. The old version updated far too often. NWS typically only updates weather forecasts twice a day and Google Sheets was updating 30-40 times a day. Now it will only update when you ask it to.
   2. Second, you won’t lose the weather report if you lose your Internet connection. Once you’ve updated it, the information is static in the field. The previous version could be troublesome if you were about to print and you lost internet, you could also lose your weather page.
   3. Because the information in the weather field is static, you can edit it. This allows you to highlight, bold, underline and even change or add data in the field. This could be helpful if you wanted to paste in additional information from a spot weather forecast or a extreme weather advisory into your weather report.
   4. Lastly, the new version limits the forecast specifically to your weather zone. The previous version would pull the entire NWS area report, which for some areas lumps weather zones together. This often created a very verbose report that would not fit on a page. You can still view the entire report by clicking on the “NWS Fire Weather” link to the left of the update button.

General Info tab – Update Button: The location, latitude, longitude, sunrise and sunset are now updated when the update button on the General Info tab is pressed. This used to be an automatic process. However, it seemed like it was constantly hanging up and generating errors.

220 Air Operations – Both the FEMA 220 and the CAL Fire 220 have a new feature that determines if the sunrise and sunset have been updated for the current operational period. It they have not been updated, a warning along with an update button will be visible on the 220. This will disappear once the sunrise and sunset has been updated.

Estimate IAPs – this will give you a rough estimate of how many IAPs you will need. The result is placed on a spreadsheet so , you may change the results to meet your needs.

Latest enhancements as of 8/7/2017
Added "-" to all resourceID Headings to keep them on top during sorts.
Renamed the "InciNet" tab to "Import" as it can be used for Incinet, ROSS or a custom format.
Significantly improved import speed for Incinet and ROSS import. *
* The increase in speed will eliminate the need to break up the import file for incidents with very large resource counts.
Added a separate menu item to import ROSS downloads.
Added the ability to import differing ROSS exports (IRS-001, IRQ-002, Dispatch dump and Original Request List with or without subordinates). BTW: The Original Request List with Subordinates is the best import option.
Added configuration (on general info tab) to remove dispatch info from ROSS import ( "(CA-MRCC)" ).
Added configuration (on general info tab) to format Resource ID for FireScope on ROSS import ("STC" vs "ENGINE S/T - T3").
Added configuration (on general info tab) to import subordinate resources (indiviual engines or crews in strike teams, leaders, etc...). These will not show up in the resource drop-downs on the 204.
Added a "Resource Name" column to the the ResourceID tab. This preserves the original resource name that came for ROSS.
Changed 204 Resource list to BOLD anytime a Resource's assigned time is different from the operational period (Formerly it was just time off 1900).
Added a menu item to sort resources on the 204 to match a predefined order. eg; Engine Strike teams, engines, crews strike teams, crews, dozer strike teams, dozers, water tenders, etc...
Also added a list in the General Info tab that allows you to set the order for sorting of resources on the 204. It has a list for both standard and FireScope resource designations.
Added an extra field that can be tagged onto the resource ID. This can be used to denote if a resource is ALS (paramedic staffed and equipped), or any other 3-4 letter notation that you may want to use.
The "Create All 204s" menu item can now be used repeatedly. It will create any 204s that have not yet been created.
Added a menu item to clear resource from all 204s.
Experimental: Added the ability to move resources on the Virtual T-Card rack - play with it, see if you like it. As you move resources on the virtual T-card rack, it will also move them on the 204s.

Latest enhancements as of 6/20/2017
Fixed some glitches with importing from remote check-in.
Fixed some glitches in the update between the ResourceID tab and the 204.
Added at "Briefing Sheet" (sometimes called a 204A). It has a summary of resources assigned by branch.

Latest enhancements as of 5/31/2017
Added an ICS 207 (Org Chart). This is entirely filled from the 203.
Added an ICS 220 (Air Operations Summary).
Added a feature to calculate your local timezone,sunrise and sunset based on your lat/long. Sunrise and sunset are added to your 220.
Added a 215 (Generic).
Added a 215 (Specific to Fire).
Added a 204 tab with instructions for creating 204s - Not having a 204 tab confused some people.

Latest enhancements as of 3/13/2017
Fixed error in formula for calculating Longitude based on name place location (sorry about that).

Latest enhancements as of 3/11/2017
Added a "Location" entry on "general Info" tab to be able to take a street addresses, schools, parks, public buildings, landmarks, and general geographic areas such as communities, cities, towns or counties and geocode those to a latitude and longitude.
Changed the entry for latitude and longitude to be able to accept any standard lat/long format (such as degrees minutes seconds: 40° 26′ 46″ N 79° 58′ 56″ W. degrees decimal minutes: 40° 26.767′ N 79° 58.933′ W. decimal degrees: 40.446° N 79.982° W.)
Added the ability to create "Zones" as a separation above branches.
Added an additional style of 208 (safety plan) - pick one or the other and hide the one you're not using.

Latest enhancements as of 2/18/2017
Added blank 214 page 1 and page 2 to attach to IAP
Fixed a problem with RESL, PSC, and IC buttons on General Info tab.

Latest enhancements as of 9/30/2016
Removed the hidden menu on the 204 as it was causing printing issues on some printers.

Added "Replace Formulas in Currently Selected Cells" to NIMS IAP menu. This allows you to select sections of the 204 and replace the formulas that have been over-written.

Added "Add or Update Current Selection from 204 to Resource List" to the NIMS IAP menu. This will either add or update information from the currently selected resource to the Resource List (Resource ID tab). This allows you to quickly add information such as Leader name, total number of personnel, etc... to an existing resource. If the resource does not exist, it will be added.

Fixed "Add All Resources from Current 204 to Resource List", the feature that allows you to add all of the resources on the 204 into the resource List.

Changed the way Branch Director and Branch Safety are laid out on the 204 - should elimiate crowding issues.

Removed "Staging" from the cell below "Div/Group" on the 204. If the 204 is for Staging, "Staging" will be placed where "Div/Group" was and the Staging name will be placed in the same location as where the division or group name would normally go.

Added a phonetic alphabet designator below the Divison/Group ID. This helps those who can't remeber D = Delta, K = Kilo, etc... (Thank you, Kyle O'Neil).

Added an automated Weather Page. Enter your Latitude and Longitude on the "General Info" tab and the latest Fire Weather from the Nation Weather Service will be generated on the Weather Page.

Latest enhancements as of 8/29/2016
General Info - configuration page
A main spot to enter incident name, operational dates and time
Allows entry for names of people actually signing 202, 203, and 204 - or use 203 info.
Allows you to specify how to handle Resource ID naming conventions on InciNet import.
Allows you to specify which overhead positions get imported.

202 Objectives page
Added check boxes for IAP componets

203 Organization Assignment
Now allows for "free-range" Branch and Div/Groups (30 max combined)
Created a 203A which allows for an additional 84 Branches or Divisions

204 Division Assignments
Widened the Resource ID field
Removed "Contact" field and replaced with "Request"
Added a hidden menu in the upper right corner:
-- Restore formula in for current selection
-- Add or update current Resource to Resource ID list
Added feature to warn of duplicate use of resource - works in conjunction with "Sync Assignments"
Added drop-down work assignments

205 / 205 Worksheet
Added data validation to "Assignment" column to reduce chance of errors

206 Medical Plan
Added usable check boxes and drop-down menus for aid stations, ambulances and hospitals

Sync Assignments
Adds assignment from all 204s to the ResourceID list, along with the assignment date. This allows a formula in the 204 to check to see if there are duplicate assignments. Sync Assignments also creates the lists that the "Resource Count" tab uses to total resources.