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Privacy Policy

We do not share any information with any third-parties nor do we store information we collect about you other than to provide information on weather, time zone, sunrise and sunset. If you have given us your email, we will use it only to provide information on application updates. We will not share it with any third parties.

We do not make any of this information publicly available in any fashion.

Information Collected

The NIMS IAP application forwards your incident name and location to our server in order to provide weather, time zone, sunrise and sunset information for your incident. This is based on your manual entry of the incident name and the location on the “General Info” tab and clicking on the "Update" button..

No other information you enter is tracked or accessible to us.

If you do not want this information to be forwarded to our server, simply do not click on the update button on the General Info tab.

Your use of Google Sheets is subject to the privacy policy of Google Inc.

We do not use any cookies or other ad or marketing tracking systems.

If you have chosen to submit your email for our mailing list, we will not use your email other than to provide you with information abouts updates to the NIMS IAP application. Your email is stored on a secure database.

If you choose to be removed from our mailing list, simply email with the subject line of “remove”.

jim @ nimsiap.org